Is it possible to run OS X on a Virtual Machine?

darkstar09, Aug 22, 5:33am
Is it possible to run OS X on a Virtual Machine? If yes can anyone provide a website with instructions. If no, why not?

little_egypt, Aug 22, 5:46am
Yes, should be possible. You can run OSX on a standard x86 PC, so should be able to run it on a virtual one too. Start with or perhaps?

marky41, Aug 22, 5:49am
In my opinion, it defeats the purpose of have a mac.

It's against Apples TOS if you do decide to do it.

darkstar09, Aug 22, 5:51am
Yep i know its against TOS but was just wondering.

little_egypt, Aug 22, 5:52am
I'm guessing OP does not have a mac.. and yes, very much against apple's TOS, EULA, or whatever. I'm only answering whether it's possible, they can make up their own mind about it being legal or ethical.

darkstar09, Aug 22, 6:00am
Yep little_egypt I don't have a mac. I was just wondering whether it was possible. I will probably stick to windows and linux.

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