Is it possible to run OS X on a Virtual Machine?

Is it possible to run OS X on a Virtual Machine? If yes can anyone provide a website with instructions. If no, why not?

geek_darkstar09, Aug 22, 5:33 pm

Yes, should be possible. You can run OSX on a standard x86 PC, so should be able to run it on a virtual one too. Start with or perhaps?

geek_little_egypt, Aug 22, 5:46 pm

In my opinion, it defeats the purpose of have a mac.

It's against Apples TOS if you do decide to do it.

geek_marky41, Aug 22, 5:49 pm

Yep i know its against TOS but was just wondering.

geek_darkstar09, Aug 22, 5:51 pm

I'm guessing OP does not have a mac.. and yes, very much against apple's TOS, EULA, or whatever. I'm only answering whether it's possible, they can make up their own mind about it being legal or ethical.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 22, 5:52 pm

Yep little_egypt I don't have a mac. I was just wondering whether it was possible. I will probably stick to windows and linux.

geek_darkstar09, Aug 22, 6:00 pm