ADSL Filter Help Please....

starlight2346, Aug 23, 3:01pm
ADSL Filter Help PleaseRecently installed broadband, yay now in the 21st century lol. Had friendly service to get things installed correctly however had trouble actually connecting. Was told to take the filter out of the modem and plug it into phone line in another room, did that and everything worked well. Howeverthere are two other phones in the house and if we used either of those you could hear a scratchy interferencesowas told to purchase a filter for each phone which I have done. But now, neither of those two phone will ring if someone phones us. Where am I going wrong here ANDit was also suggested I have a filter on the SKY cable as wellare all the filters necessary and please advise me on to make the phones 'ring' againthanks so much

drcspy, Aug 23, 5:44pm
Filters are necessary on ALL telepony devices EXCEPT for the BB modem.....dunno why your phones aren't ringing tho....maybe you got dud filters (unlikely I guess but possible)

jancemord, Aug 23, 6:43pm
Unplug the sky telephone cable from the wall this causes interference. Did they or did you install?

spyware, Aug 23, 6:53pm
How old are the phones, old dial type?? .

spyware, Aug 23, 6:58pm
Simplist solution is to have a master splitter/filter installed. You should have chosen this option in the first instance but obviously didn't want to spend the money. Master splitter seperates your current phone wiring from a dedicated run to an adsl outlet.

starlight2346, Aug 23, 8:23pm
Jancemord.Surely I shouldnt have to unplug the sky cable each time we switch the computer onthere must be an easier waybut thanks for the thought

starlight2346, Aug 23, 8:25pm
Spyware..Phones in the house all relatively new, not dial type, all push button!

starlight2346, Aug 23, 8:27pm
Spyware..No one said anything about a Master/Splitter filter, didnt know such things existed. If that will fix the issue then of course happy to spend whatever to have all running correctlythank you for the information, much appreciated

bryshaw, Aug 23, 8:42pm
A master splitter cured my filter problems fine. Before that broadband was dropping continuously.

ntalke, Aug 23, 8:42pm
Are the phones common name brands, with the telepermit tick? ,have you tried adding (plugging in) the phones one at a time in case one has a fault

jancemord, Aug 23, 8:50pm
The sky telephone cable is only used for booking movies etc. When you sign up they recommend that you get the master jack point installed as Sky interferes with the broadband connection

poohy99, Aug 23, 9:29pm
If the initial installation doesn't work, call your friendly installer right back and ask him to fix it.

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