time to get a new printer

kscott3, Aug 24, 4:00am
Time to get a new printer Old one's chewing up the paper !Can anyone recomend one very basic printer / scanner for home use ? Not really even printing photos .

deodar, Aug 24, 4:13am
Check for paper jam in printer You may have to nearly dismantle
paper feed,things can get downthere
& anything will mess up the paper.
What type of printer is it?FFS will
you people learn to give essential
details when seeking help,probably
an Epson,so by all means geta new one as they never did print photos.
No you won't get type/price-we're
not retailers but StationeryWarehse
has good deals.Even for morons.

kscott3, Aug 24, 4:23am
I get the message !!! I've had the printer checked by computer repair shop - canon pixma IP3300, they couldnt find anything jammed in it .

smac, Aug 24, 4:25am
Re 2 That really takes the award for crappiest response of the day, and that's really saying something on this board....if you don't want to recommend a printer to somebody who asked a pretty straight forward question, don't post. It's not that hard...in fact you'll find it's easier than posting abuse :)

drcspy, Aug 24, 5:03am
Errrrrrrrr......just look around a fair bit...they do vary in price quite a lot...my brother dcp-165c cost me $80 at warehouse stat......but since then I've seem em up to $145........SHOP AROUND. oh and "I get the message !!!
I've had the printer checked by computer repair shop"......most likely cost you half the cost of a new printer.......sheer stupidity.....when a printer dies dont even think about getting it fixed unless it's a VERY expensive model. Just biff it out....

deodar, Aug 24, 5:20am
No you get that award in with bells on. Self appointed MB administrators
always top the awards for dickhead
of the year-are you going for the
millenium award?Bit early but just
use abuse-you know what that is now

deodar, Aug 24, 5:28am
Sorry as I just posted(crappy TM server) I have a canon ip 1800, never had a problem with ink feed but have
uninstalled/reinstalled software
to sort Msg problems.Just reset the
chip that tels me 'Out of ink'piss
off printer genie I don't want to know.Got 2 printers for $50-less
than ink cartridge at Warehouse
Stationery.Sales there are gold

deodar, Aug 24, 5:44am
Never had a problem with paper feed that is. But I remember dismantling printers
to grrr remove ripped torn snarled
up paper which blocked next sheet.
"Paper jam/feed problem" doesn't
mean rush printer off to shop but
kids& dogs can put objects that
don't agree with it down the slot.
Bones & Tux&stuff ,change the kid's
diet.Shine a torch/light down there
to see what you can see.

kscott3, Aug 24, 6:35am
Thanks Cost me $25 which I agreed to , told me there was a dead bug down there , but still chews up the paper . I'll have a look at w/house sationery , thanks.

deodar, Aug 24, 7:31am
Yeah,good luck kscott3 & no offense meant.Really They may have missed something,try
the vacuume cleaner narrow hose 1st
then a can of compressed air is
always handy with computers,the
plastic paper guide comes off easy
& you can get right in there.The
printers at the Warehouse Stat.are
just inside the door,specials are
immediately inside the foyer.They
have a flyer....

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