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mariner26, Aug 24, 9:06pm
Intel or AMD? Wish to get a (new) upgrade box PC. My present PC is now 9 years old and shows it.
Some good deals on Trademe for new u/g boxes. Some with Intel CPU etc, some with AMD internals.
Is there any substantial difference between the brands of CPU etc? Or is it just a case of there are Intel "clubs" and there are AMD "clubs". Is one really any better than the other? Do either do the job as well as the other?
What advice can you offer to a dithering intending buyer? My PC used for emails, website visits, Word and Excel, saving digital (camera) photos and videos. Pretty basic home PC "demands".

mojo49, Aug 24, 9:13pm
I have used AMD since the mid 1990's I have never had a problem with an AMD speced system used for the same as your requirements. I have an Intel system and and AMD laptop at present. The Intel system is an HP desktop, which I have added RAM and video card to. It runs very nicely for day to day stuff. My AMD Compaq laptop is even quicker. You are right, there are Intel/AMD clubs. Upgrade kits for Intel tend to be a bit dearer than the AMD equivalents. If I were buying on price alone I would go AMD. If I was looking for a bit of performance edge I would go Intel. Given you requirements, AMD will go the job just fine especially compared to your 9 year old clunker. Main thing is to get the right mix of components. No good having a Rolls Royce engine in a Ford 10 chassis.

vtecintegra, Aug 24, 9:23pm
At the moment Intel has the upper hand (they have ever since the Core2 Duo launched). That said an AMD based system will be more than sufficient for your 'demands'.

swivel, Aug 24, 9:33pm
Well The new Phenom II has put AMD in front of intel now. And is cheaper.

mojo49, Aug 24, 9:34pm
If you get an ungrad box or a kit make sure you think beyond just the CPU. Whatever OS you are going to use, you need to get enough RAM to make it run properly. My AMD has 2GB RAM and runs Vista Home Premium very easily. Don't get less than 2GB RAM, but more will have little benefit for your applications. Better to put more $ into a good Motherboard/ CPU combo than more RAM into a poor MB/CPU combo. It is all about the right balance of components.

whakatanerocks, Aug 24, 9:35pm

vtecintegra, Aug 24, 9:36pm
4Interesting, shows what happens when you turn your back for 5 minutes :) The Phenoms look good, cheap as chips too

mojo49, Aug 24, 9:37pm
As you can see posts 3 and 4 confirm the unsolvable argument. AMD and Intel have been playing leapfrog since the early 90's when I bought an AMD 486DX2-66 powered system for about $3k. That was quicker than any Intel out at the time. It was also the most expensive system in $ I have ever bought.

sirfer, Aug 24, 9:39pm
I have couple of both in the house and be honest for my needs (and yours ) I don't think it would make any noticeable difference.

cybertao, Aug 24, 9:43pm
And given the software people runthey are both treated by Windows and a bulk of software as fast 486's, or Pentium II's at best. Arguing about two CISC architecture variants that support x86 instructions is redundant; RISC PowerPC is where it's at.

whakatanerocks, Aug 24, 9:45pm
Intel + debian!

sirfer, Aug 24, 9:50pm
Pfft AMD ftw

whakatanerocks, Aug 24, 9:52pm
You are wrong. Intel.

mojo49, Aug 24, 9:56pm

whakatanerocks, Aug 24, 10:00pm
You are wrong too. debian!, Intel, quad core goodness...

karl.nic, Aug 24, 11:07pm
I was under the impression that intel was still in the lead, but then again AMDs R&D guys just hit 7 ghz with the 955 BE.

vtecintegra, Aug 24, 11:11pm
Maybe at the top end, but price performance the new AMD chips look pretty good.

r.g.nixon, Aug 24, 11:12pm
There are two ways of looking at it Intel CPU's are more powerful and use less electricity at the top of the market. And bang-per-buck, Intel CPUs are cheaper. But AMD motherboards tend to be cheaper. So overall, many AMD systems work out the best choice. Then there is overclocking (if you want it) - I could be wrong, but I think some Intels are better for overclocking.

osymandias, Aug 24, 11:56pm
I don't know about the AMD has cheapest mobo etc thing - cheapest DDR3 AMD board I can find is $361 vs ~$200 for a P55 DDR3 i5 Intel. Given that i7 blows phenom II away, so it competes with the old Core2 or new i5 - that makes AMD boards more expensive. Unless you want to get a DDR2 board, which is buying gear shortly to become obsolete and expensive to upgrade. (Bit like buying a DDR board when C2 came out.)

mariner26, Aug 25, 1:08am
Thanks folks - now have plenty to go on Pretty much just as I thought. Now I shall digest all the comments and advice - and toss a coin!

sirfer, Aug 25, 1:08am
DDR2 to become "obsolete"? I don't think you know what that word means.

whakatanerocks, Aug 25, 1:12am
ha ha ha DDR2 obsolete. Ha ha ha ha

kane199, Aug 25, 1:25am
Go with whats cheaper at the end of the day whichever you choose will be able to do what you want.

nzoomed, Aug 25, 1:26am
Only intel here .

dr.benway, Aug 25, 1:32am
As in: all the fabs converted to DDR3 So it becomes expensive and not cost effective. Replaced by a better technology that's cheaper to purchase. Remember when ddr2 came out- lots of ppl dragging their feet, buying dual DDR/DDR2 boards etc etc. Took what, 18 months for DDR to become too slow and expensive?

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