HELP! Internet access!

HELP! Internet access! i have two networked computers (xp and vista) the xp is fine, but the vista now will only access google websites. i have broadband. trademe won't work on the vista so im using xp. i can use any google site perfect, just not any others, they keep loading?

geek_kickpac5, Apr 21, 10:38 am

Now after trying a few different sites works. tm doesn't.

geek_kickpac5, Apr 21, 10:44 am

Cookies enable on vista? .

geek_rz_zone, Apr 21, 10:58 am

I assume you have tried the usual things? Reboot Modem / Router?

geek_phil_boy, Apr 21, 11:01 am

Hi kickpac5 whats the antivirus and firewall U R using???

geek_pcfix4u, Apr 21, 11:05 am

It works now no idea what the problem was???

geek_kickpac5, Apr 21, 2:51 pm