Where to buy mains power adapter for laptop

catsmeat1, Aug 26, 2:34am
Where to buy mains power adapter for laptop Hi, I unfortunately dropped my mains power adapter for my old Asus notebook (about 3 years old) and I'm getting occasional power drop outs. The batteries are long dead so this is the only power supply. Can anyone tell me if there is anyone who sells power adapters? 19volts

drcspy, Aug 26, 2:45am
08002787888 is Asus Freephone support .

lostdude, Aug 26, 3:07am
See that big open space above to the left of the search button? Type the model of your laptop in there then click search. If nothing is found, you can do the same at google.co.nz

flick13, Aug 26, 3:49am
What's the model number and specs required for the power adapter (votage, wattage) and I'll see if I can find one.

little_egypt, Aug 26, 3:55am
19v, 5A? sounds pretty genericis it the one with the round plug? I've bought (~$3 at second hand shops) or been given four of these so far. Even been using one of them to charge the cordless drill!

drcspy, Aug 26, 4:55am
Yeh just make sure the 'little round plug' - the output plug is wired correctly which ever way it needs; IE: + internal, - external or vice versa

angora_al, Aug 26, 7:09am
If you are in ..........christchurch, try Laptopuniverse.co.nz, they also have a battery section.

catsmeat1, Aug 26, 7:29am
Thanks everyone I send off the message for this forum before picking up the adapter to check the specs on it. Just as well when I picked it up phhhuuuutt off went the power. Have got all the specs, I'll contact Asus and see how I get on. Cheers

richms, Aug 26, 2:30pm
There are plenty of fake crap adapters on trademe, ones that have minimal or no RF protection, and probably dont meet any saftey requirements anywhere in the world. Sellers use terms like "replacement" adapter etc - really, it means counterfeit.

Get a real one from the likes of belkin etc if you are going generic, not crap off here.

madcat11, Aug 26, 3:19pm
I got this for $31 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=228473977 ...was it a bad idea?it works fine for me on my crap laptop

catsmeat1, Aug 26, 10:09pm
So would this be crap or OK? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=237980265
According to the blurb fits my model A6000KM.
Thanks madcat11 for your input, but I need to adapter to be mains power not 12Volt. Cheers

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