Does Trademe need alive chat Server????

Does Trademe need alive chat Server???? Hi all,
I emailed Trademe about hosting a livechat for us to talk on instead of these threads.Said i would set it up and Monitor it for them and was emailed that community chat is a good idea..They will be thinking about maybe adding it.Let hope this comes to light as new zealand is lagging behind the rest of the world on internet procedure......

geek_murraya, Aug 28, 2:18 pm

Since when did TradeMe = New Zealand internet procedure?

geek_rhys.m, Aug 28, 2:22 pm not much chance of tm setting up anything I don't think. how about we just do it ourselves?

geek_little_egypt, Aug 28, 2:25 pm

Trademe used to have chatrooms

geek_d.laidlaw, Aug 28, 2:27 pm

the TM-Wiki has chat...

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 28, 2:36 pm

I heard somewhere that 50% of all nz's internet traffic comes via trademe at some point during the day.

geek_pcmaster, Aug 28, 2:37 pm

Maybe 5% the other 95% torrents.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 28, 2:46 pm

Maybe for general, as its a pain explaining pc info in a chatroom going flat out :( & good luck trying to moderate that chat aswell. Just like the filtering on other chat clients ive seen, people will always find ways around it, or you will need moderators watching it 24/7 to stop the air heads abusing other members & flouting the TM rules.

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 28, 2:58 pm for those that do want to chat. I am inclined to agree with mystery though, buggar trying to explain everything in a chatroom. Threads are better for that kind of thing. The Wiki and articles are even better still...

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 28, 3:04 pm

T/M won't be pleased you posting that on here, the possibility of bypassing trademe fees.

geek_stkys, Aug 28, 3:24 pm

Boo hoo stkys you're a Nana from way back, why not point it out to TM if your so concerned or have you done that already...

geek_icioufa, Aug 28, 3:33 pm

Even if not a chatroom Then something like a forum like Saabcentral and others would be a great idea. However I guess there is no money in it and lots of moderating is needed. So maybe not a goer for TM.

geek_rawill, Aug 28, 3:42 pm

Wouldn't lower myself. Just warning you all. No commercial use or self-promotion
Over posting or spamming of the message board ruins it for others. The message board is for open discussion only, please do not advertise any auction, product, or service. This includes trying to facilitate a trade through the message boards (including wanted postings

geek_stkys, Aug 28, 3:44 pm

Stkys what the fvck are you talking about?

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 28, 3:45 pm

Seeing as I'm going soon I will point a couple of things out for you. Posting that something is available, and then later posting a link to it is hardly spamming, is it?! Whilst the chat on Tm-wiki could be used to bypass trademe, I'm sure the honest people here wouldn't do a thing like that. What's more, to extrapolate that line of thought it would imply that people couldn't talk outside of TM, as this *could* be used to facilitate trade. And as far as self promotion goes TM-Wiki is not my site, therefore it is hardly self promotion is it? More than that it is a not-for-profit site built BY the community FOR the community. So we're hardly profiting from it. Before rattling off TM rules and regulations try reading and understanding them.

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 28, 4:12 pm

Webuy alrealy has a chat server lol

geek_nzoomed, Aug 28, 5:42 pm

geek_possum888, Aug 28, 6:51 pm

If it's for the community, it wouldn't be promoting chat facilities that are alternative to what the community is based around. The wiki is supposed to be a wiki, not a chatroom.

geek_cybertao, Aug 28, 7:09 pm

Chat online is handy. I run a mumble server at the shop (Customers can log in to ask questions (not if there pc isn't going though lol) as in a help thing), But a TM one wouldn't really work. Just think of trying to get your 2c worth in general LOL

geek_swivel, Aug 30, 1:42 am

Who cares about "promotings a chatroom on tm-wiki? Trademe won't care if there's a basically empty discussion board and a chatroom that a handful of people use on another site. It's not taking any money away from here...

geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 30, 2:05 am

Cybertao, is it too hard to post on here AND be in a chat room? Not trying to draw people away at all, trying to raise awareness that the wiki is there and that it serves another purpose. Would be good to see some of the regulars from here being involved in the wiki, we need some more knowledgeable computer nerds to bolster the ranks :)

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 31, 8:19 am

Worst business idea ever. People will start swapping contact details and bypassing the auction process. And if its a busy IRC, they will have to hire many people to monitor illegal exchange of information.

geek_mone, Aug 31, 8:53 am

TM needs a live chat like we all need a hole in the head. Can you imagine opinions or general in a live chat? Mayhem! Like zb talkback on growth hormone

geek_sirfer, Aug 31, 9:00 am