can anyone help with printer problem please

jubre, Aug 28, 4:18am
Can anyone help with printer problem please I have a Lexmark E232 Printer.The flashing lights down the side changed and the second bottom yellow one came on and nothing would print. I dont have a manual but went online to Lexmark website, found out what the lights were for and found it was paper jam. I have taken the full A4 paper jamed out (nothing torn off it)So all the paper is out however the same yellow light is on and nothing will print. Does anyone have any clues please??

mechnificent, Aug 28, 5:04am
Tried turning it off and on again? If you do a google for "resetting" that model you should find a way to restart it, while holding down buttons or having the lid up or something), that will set it's memory back to "as new". Try that.

deodar, Aug 28, 5:15am
Thats correct mechnificent,try Youtube There's a different way for each
computer type,I read a few this week but wouldn't attempt to give
you technical data,you might do it
well following advice for a Canon
or Epson(each model's different)
but still screw it more.

sujatakumar, Aug 29, 8:33pm
The paper sensor is out of alignment, fix that and the paper jam error light will go away

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