Help with acer aspire 3100

chupachup1, Aug 28, 5:09am
Help with acer aspire 3100 Hi i am looking for all acer aspire 3100 drivers on a cd i am running windows xp pro any help in getting a copy would be great, i am on dial up and a damm snail is faster than that lol

0800xford, Aug 28, 5:36am
you need -all- of them? you could phone acer to see if they will post you a disc, or try your local computer shop, they might have a disc, or use a faster connection to download what you need.

drcspy, Aug 28, 5:54am
What's wrong with people it'd be faster to download em overnight using a download manager I once on dial up downloaded a 480mb wasn't hard at all

0800xford, Aug 28, 5:58am
that's probably what -i'd- do in this situation: flashget, FDM or getright are all good tools

mysteryman007, Aug 28, 6:07am
Just over 100-150mb going by the acer site i wouldnt think that would even take more than a day if you leave it on all night while downloading them. But then again its been a few years since ive been on dialup.

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