access issues after slaving drive

blacklisted2, Aug 29, 3:18am
Access issues after slaving drive ok a friend of mine wants me to get the crap off his hdd after his kid fried his computer, i took the jumper off and chucked in on the slave in my pc, but when attempting to copy files i notice that in explorer that some files dont show up like the documents folder inside usernames. when using cmd to look at the documents folder it shows up, weird? Also, when trying to get into 1 user account, i get 'access is denied', in dos it shows a file attribute being 'd', what does this mean? also tried making his hdd the master, booting my pc up on it but i get insta-flash blue screen and cannot think of a way to fix. is it even possible to boot his hdd os on my pc with completely different specs? what can i do! thanks in advance for your input

blacklisted2, Aug 29, 3:24am
.i tried referring to m$ kb10881 but there wasnt even a 'Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box' or a security tab in the folders properties.

gyrogearloose, Aug 29, 3:24am
I make a point of not helping whenever I read a thread blaming kids for causing computer problems. It's entirely the parents fault, end of story. They should have taken backups.

blacklisted2, Aug 29, 3:26am
Well thats all find and dandy gyro but i would like to help him retrieve his files

sirfer, Aug 29, 3:30am
that's great and you needed to tell us this why?Blacklisted, just copy the files from the command line?

blacklisted2, Aug 29, 3:44am
Sirf thanks for tryin but dos gave me the same 'access is denied'. solved the problem though. restart in safe mode.. go to disk properties.. security tab.. allow everyone full control. my comp pissed around changing all the attribs but its all working now yay!

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