Printer/fax cause of slow b/band?

hairydog2, Aug 30, 7:18am
Printer/fax cause of slow b/band? Hi guys, I had a thread on here a couple of weeks ago re dialup speed on b/band, (55kbps d/load speed.) Voda/ihug are supposed to be getting it sorted, but I haven't heard back from them yet. I have a questionI disconnected both my phones the other day and my d/load speed increased to, wait for it.., 72kbps. OK, I also have a printer/fax, which I disconnected from the phone jack, as we don't use the fax, anyway. Problem is, when I disconnect the phone line from the printer/fax, I can't connect to the internet. Plug the fax phone cable back in and it connects OK. WTF? Have any of you clever techs got an idea why this is? When I connect my modem directly to the wall phone jack without the fax line connected, my pc won't connect. Must be a reason, but it's beyond me, I'm an elderly dummy! I would really appreciate any suggestions, TIA.

gyrogearloose, Aug 30, 7:51am
Faulty broadband filters are often the cause of strange failures, but, if you did the last test plugging the broadband line cable directly into the wall jack without a single phone fax or filter connected (ie; it was as pure as possible with nothing else, no extension cables etc) then I'd begin to suspect a cable fault, could be any part of the wiring, the lead, the socket, the wiring from the house to the road...

hairydog2, Aug 30, 8:05am
Thnks for that gyro. But why does my b/band work, (slowly) when all my phones and printer/fax are plugged in, but won't connect when the printer/fax phone line is disconnected and I connect the modem directly to the wall jack. I have a 2 way filter in which is connected printer/fax and modem and then to wall jack. If I remove this and connect modem directly to wall jack, I can't connect to internet!!! Strange.

gyrogearloose, Aug 30, 8:10am
My guess would be that the impedance matching is shot because 1 of the wires has come loose in your cabling, and there are signal reflections and loss. Connecting the filter, phones and faxes, changes the impedance and it works, but only just.

spyware, Aug 30, 9:12am
Do a simple thing, toss the filter and plug the fax machine straight into wall, does fax work?? If so the problem is simply that you have your adsl router plugged into a filtered outlet as your house has central splitter filter installed.

hairydog2, Aug 30, 10:16am
Hi spyware The only filters in the house are the ones supplied to me from ihug when I first went onto b/band. 1 on my main phone jack, 1 on my kitchen phone and the 1 on my printer/fax, which also has the modem connected. I fitted all these to the phones myself. Where would the central splitter filter be installed, if there is one? Sorry to be a dummy.

spyware, Aug 30, 1:10pm
At the demarcation point. Somewhere in your house is an unfiltered outlet for adsl, it will be marked as such.

hairydog2, Aug 31, 10:40pm
Hi guys. I found the fault with my b/band speed was a loose wire on the cable from my main phone jack to my pc jack. It actually broke completely when I touched it, must have been loose for a while. Speed now up from 55kbps to 2,000/3,000kbps. What a blardy difference. Thanks for your help and comments.

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