Anyone bought the massively discounted Adobe

raymond00001, Aug 31, 8:29pm
Anyone bought the massively discounted Adobe products currently listed via various sellers on here. Apparently a shop closed down and someone snapped up all software. The people all have good feedback but seems to good to be true, your opinions, any recommended traders?

pcmaster, Aug 31, 8:35pm
I dont like adobe software myself too much bloat and can sometimes be a pain to remove - kinda like norton products

mrfxit, Aug 31, 10:14pm
Example Auction numbers Please

r.g.nixon, Aug 31, 11:20pm
If it is Photoshop CS3 there were counterfeit versions on here a year or two back.

raymond00001, Sep 3, 1:25am
No its all the latest stuff, i see some new good feedback been placed

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