ADSL Modem adsl light flashes an interent stalls

aragorn2003, Apr 21, 8:38am
ADSL Modem adsl light flashes an interent stalls ok ive posted this before and got no help but ill try again , for ages now my internet (xtra go large) stalls or cuts out on a regular basis everyday , when it does this the adsl light instead of being constant will start flashing (just your generic xtra modem) , ive counted the flashes and its 18 flashes then it stops then it does 18 flashes then stops and so on until the internet comes back ... what would be causgin this?? damaged phone lines?

pcfix4u, Apr 21, 9:01am
Hi aragorn2003 you best option in the long run is to invest in a decent adsl+2 modem router. you can also get them with a built in option for wirless. real handy if you expand to more PCs in the future. In the mean time ring you ISP and ask them to test the line. I had 4 outages the other day theres a bit of it about. and check you modem settings

charles.j, Apr 21, 9:04am
I used to get that A lot on go large. Not sure if it was xtra in general.. or the plan. however xtra ran numerous line "checks" and said there was nothing wrong. however i found a port reset fixed it for a little while. I never found out what the problem was.. i changed modem, and switched to xnet who fixed it.

maugrim, Apr 21, 9:06am
It is dropping DSL. first unplug any other phone device plugged into a phone jack in the house. then test. if no go, then call your provider and ask them to check. don't listen if they say it is fine, ask for a technician. however in almost every case this will be your router settings, or the router itself

drcspy, Apr 21, 11:00am
DONT spend money buying a new modem or router yet that'd be stupid.......simplest thing to do is either take the modem to a friends house who have BB enabled and see if it does the same thing there or borrow a friends modem and see if their one does it at your place.....that'll tell you definitevly if the problem is your modem or the house wiring or similar........

maugrim, Apr 21, 11:05am
Providing you friend is with XTRA broadband of course.

sven007, Apr 21, 11:23am
Aragorn2003 I had the exact same problem today at around 5.30pm. Im also on Go Large, I unplugged everything then plugged it in again half an hour later and it worked again, I was fiddling around for about 10 minutes though trying to get it working but nothing really happened. best is to wait lol. Sucks I know

pcfix4u, Apr 21, 11:45am
If your modem is the free one supplied by your ISP its not stupid to upgrade. Not only is a good modem more reliable it has more option /security/ wireless/ and better speed.

aragorn2003, Apr 22, 5:44am
Yea mite get a better modem/router any on here u may recommend??

playfair, Apr 22, 9:41am
For the router Get a Linksys WRT54GL. Not the cheapest but rock solid. Install for tons more features too.

richms, Apr 22, 11:01am
#10... Those are ethernet routers - totally useless when the OP is losing adsl sync on their combination router.

drcspy, Apr 22, 11:05am
#8 I disagree.............. you would be STUPID to get a new modem and spend good money BEFORE you actually identify if the problem is the modem......and as for 'speed' what rubbish....the connection speed isn't usually related much to the modem at all ....its much more likely to be related to yoru house wiring/distance from exchange etc....

honeybean, Apr 22, 11:06am
I had this problem and I would pick up the phone and hang it up again - bingo the broadband was on again.
They could not find the problem - so put in a splitter box -and never another problem.

aragorn2003, Apr 23, 7:58am
How close is west auckland to the exchange?? the thing is we havnt always had the problem , probably only had it for 5 months or so , we got splitter boxes on all phone jacks , mite try the on off of the phone when it next happens

mightymouse1, Apr 23, 9:34am
Sky box? I had this same problem and traced it to the Sky decoder that was plugged into a phone jack. Have now unplugged the Sky decoder from the jackpoint and no more interupted internet. It is not necessary to have the Sky decoder plugged into a phone jack unless you want to play games on it.

pcfix4u, Apr 23, 11:17am
12 # I disagree if its the modem you get for free its crap, I have had much better performance by upgrading customers to a good modems,,Yep it might not be the problem but a good modem sure eliminates a lot of screwing around, the money spent is always a good investment with more options.

ba4l, Apr 23, 11:44am
Read below 1. dsl drop is mainly signal drop
2. most of the time modem is not at fault.
3. do not use any extn cables to the modem
4. if u hv more than 5 jack points in use at home reduce them or get tech to install a splitter costs about $150/-.
5. plan doesnt effect the dsl drop.
6. try isolating the modem and plugging in one device after another.
7. nothing helps u are probably far from the exchange or cable fault

maugrim, Apr 23, 11:49am
This will be interesting ba4l I hope they tell us what the issue really was.. because although I agree about the possible causes my experience is that in most cases sudden faults are router related.

maugrim, Apr 23, 11:51am
Other than the line faults that are part of everyday life of course.... line faults tend to effect more than one person and as such are normally dealt with.

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