Snow Leopard - WOW

malachiman, Sep 1, 2:45am
Snow Leopard - WOW Have to say after finally getting the opportunity to upgrade to SL the speed difference is amazing. Some apps are fully launched before the icon on the dock completes 1 bounce lol this is crazy

neil51, Sep 1, 8:03am
How much disk space did it free up for you? Anything 'broken' as such? Older apps ok?

seannz, Sep 1, 8:22am
Freed up a gross 15GB for me But I realised that this isn't the true amount because SL recognises a GB as 1000MB not 1024MB so it would be slightly less than 15. I personally don't have any broken apps but I've heard people's Adobe suite crashing on them and etc. You can find an article on Engadget about people's experiences.

morrisman1, Sep 1, 8:34am
Im enjoying it too its certainly a good upgrade, apps seem blazing fast now. Non-apple apps seem quicker but not by huge amounts. I do like all the little tweaks that have been made, they all contribute to how nice OS X is to use. One feature that i do really want that is in windows 7 is how you can drag a window to the side of the screen and it will automatically resize for when you want two windows side by side, thats a really good feature in Win7. I dont like the new quicktime in snow leopard, it seems to have taken away some control, not that it ever had much but it feels like a very limited application now. Im disappointed theres no avchd codec in quicktime as many cameras are starting to use that; mine does and i have to use toast media player or VLC, with toast being the better of the two by far in the way of video quality

tahnasha, Sep 1, 8:59am
Cool I think I might upgrade this week. Are there many new features? Or mostly just tweaks?

lustee32, Sep 1, 9:06am
Guy at apple told me to wait a few months then do so they can iron out any kinks ..i think i will do that

neil51, Sep 1, 9:08am
Do you still have custom settings in QT X? Or do you need to reinstall QT7 from the options setup to be able to export with your own settings, I found this Apple support article but would be nice to know from an actual user

malachiman, Sep 1, 9:28am
read you post and checked I can save as for different things like iphone, ipod, appletv, HD480p and 720p. Also can trim video and share for youtube, mobileme. I never owned QT pro so its all standard

malachiman, Sep 1, 9:38am
didnt check free space and also apple changed reporting to base-10 for HD space/file size. I only had 1 app that doesnt work, and thats Parallel 3, but I knew it wouldnt before I installed SL. SL wont let you run anything that is incompatible and will drop any program into a new folder called "incompatible software" during the upgrade. SL is seems very smart, and I am sure Icons and the screen in general is showing clearer and better colours ???!?!

malachiman, Sep 1, 9:40am
One thing that has confussed people is that it boots in 32bit by default (you can force it to boot 64bit) but its not a problem, because SL will run 64bit apps in 64bit regardless, this is once massive advantage the way they have managed to make this work!!

neil51, Sep 1, 9:47am
SL icons are 512x512k Read it on macrumours or one of the knitting circle sites, users saying they look amazing, I think Apple tweaked the screen gamma a little too. Oh well, might as well get a copy!

morrisman1, Sep 1, 10:44am
Malachimanthe gamma has changed from 2.2 to 1.8 i think, might be the other way around which could well be why the colours look different. heres a picture showing the detail of the icons

marky41, Sep 1, 11:46am
I've I've managed to get my Mac Pro (Early 2009) to boot up the 64bit kernel.

Tried it on a 2007 iMac and it just wont. I don't think I'll notice anything anyway but it was worth a try haha

thegilly, Sep 1, 12:56pm
I have the Snow Leopard install disc sitting right here but haven't done anything with it yet. Some stuff I paid good money for quite recently will be broken by SL--the developer has a SL-compatible beta version out now, but it's ominously labelled as version 2.0 so I'm scared that I'll have to pay for it again if I want it to run under SL. So I'm dithering. Seriously. It's just British English voices and the pronunciation editor for them, and I don't have a visual impairment so it's not as if I *need* my Mac to speak to me all the time, but all the same I'm not sure I would have gone and ordered Snow Leopard if I'd known it'd break my 'Rachel' voice. :-(

osymandias, Sep 1, 2:33pm
The one true review has been written ;-) All hail John Siracusa, finally a review that's not retarded; "oooh, it comes in red..." gobshite.

osymandias, Sep 1, 7:42pm
P.S. Yeah, the gamma has been changed From media industry friendly 1.8 to Windows/Linux friendly 2.2.

thegilly, Sep 2, 1:16am
The gamma can be changed, though, can't it, it's only the default that's moved. I never did find a way to combat the ever-increasing minimum screen brightness adequately. On my Penryn-era MacBook Pro I can't even use the awkward-but-workable 'Brightness Control' app to dim the screen below Apple's minimum because for some reason on this machine it tints the screen blue. Do I object to them constantly going on about 50% brighter new screens? No. But why must they increase the minimum brightness? I don't want to need sunglasses while using my laptop. I want to be able to use my computer in a dark room and not feel like I'll be blinded. If there are technical hardware reasons for this upwards-at-both-ends trend, I'd much prefer to be able to choose a dimmer, less vibrant, years-out-of-date screen, thanks. Grumble. Still haven't installed SL, though I did get the disc out of its packaging.

osymandias, Sep 2, 3:57am
Yes, absolutely - only the default has changed. I think you may have an issue with your laptop, the macbook next to me blanks the screen on minimum.

morrisman1, Sep 2, 4:14am
All the notebooks should turn off their backlights when you take the brightness to 0 blocks. The desktops don't turn off though, just go dimmer

thegilly, Sep 2, 4:26am
Okay, 'minimum' might not have been the best word. I mean the minimum brightness where you can still see the screen. One bar of brightness (or none on an iMac). Which is considerably brighter on my MBP and on my C2D iMac than it is on my iBook G4. That level of brightness is comfortable for me in low ambient light on the iBook but not on either of the newer machines. My question is, why should that have changed? There is consumer demand for brighter and brighter screens, for watching movies and for combating glare/sunlight, but surely people's idea of comfortable brightness for everyday tasks hasn't changed? Surely I'm not a minority of one in missing the older 'dimmer' displays when it comes to reading simple black text on white in a non-glare-y environment? (Okay, I know I'm not, or else there wouldn't be apps like Brightness Control and Shades.)

morrisman1, Sep 2, 4:43am
Display backlights are getting brighter the LED backlights in the unibody macbooks and the new 24" cinema display are exceptionally bright, great for in a sunny room or whereever but far too bright for a dark room. Ive never found myself in a situation where the minimum brightness is too bright though.

gibler, Sep 2, 5:12am
Heh the are brighter as it hurts some of my poor users eyeswhy they don't just run down the brightness through system prefs is beyond me. Oh dear Apple is looking like a PC more and more with the gamma switch.

catcufflings, Sep 2, 5:42am
I can't wait to get mine i saw somehwere we could upgrade for $29? but then i saw it for 79? i suppose i can just go into a store and find out

catcufflings, Sep 2, 5:52am
Found it for $59 at dicksmiths.. i was getting mixed up with that cheap upgrade thing for those that recently got a new computer.

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