Adobe and printer wont print attachment

nukhelenc, Sep 1, 8:26am
Adobe and printer wont print attachment Hi i have an issue with Adobe i think,when ever i try to print an email attachment adobe says is the printer there and just will not print.My pc knows the printer is there as i can print other things no worries. My adobe is reader 8 and it just came on disk with other stuff when i bought this computer.Do i need to pay for an Adobe reader or what? thanks for any reply.

gouber7, Sep 1, 10:57am
Best to upgrade to the free adobe reader version 9 and you should then be able to print

r.g.nixon, Sep 1, 11:10am
Better stillswitch to the free version of Foxit PDF Reader.

nukhelenc, Sep 1, 10:15pm
Cheers i will try download adobe 9.

kevin16, Sep 1, 10:30pm
Have you saved the attachment to you hdd first?,foxit is better than adobe by miles,....

nukhelenc, Sep 2, 3:20am
HHHMMM do i have to save to HDD first .I try it.Does foxit work with everything else,As i get alot of attachments from firms that i should print but haven't been able to.

0800xford, Sep 2, 3:22am
sumatra is good too, watch out for the tricky when you install foxit though [just read what it says and untick the boxes etc]

nukhelenc, Sep 2, 3:28am
HHmm I just wish the bloody adobe work work,I just save and tryed to pint and this is what it says. Unable to start print job!is printer available?.I have in the past tried to uninstall Adobe but it wont let me,Adobe was installed on xp pro but now im on vista ult. Im hopeless at this shit :)

0800xford, Sep 2, 3:45am
oops should read "trickery"

nukhelenc, Sep 2, 9:49am
Thank u every 1 got it uninstalled and now have Adobe 9 and its fixed me up and all working.Thanks :)
Ps no wonder granny dont want a pc. Im no granny but it tests me to the limmit some times.

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