cheap reliable Nz hosting company with servers

Cheap reliable Nz hosting company with servers based in NZ?

geek_martha08, Sep 1, 10:18 am

Won't happen. colo in NZ isn't ever cheap, everyone NZ company who does cheap hosting does it on VPS's outside new zealand.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 1, 10:21 am

Hosting Direct have their own servers in Auckland, used them for some time now, great price and reliable uptime

geek_malachiman, Sep 1, 10:25 am

I like and use [ ]

geek_cybertao, Sep 1, 10:25 am

Net 24 Christchurch.

geek_bryshaw, Sep 2, 12:23 am

Oh well guess I'm not always right ;) still colo outside NZ is generally much cheaper.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 2, 12:26 am