Want to buy a very specific PCI ADSL Modem

fonetikli, Sep 1, 8:28pm
Want to buy a very specific PCI ADSL Modem Hi there,

I am looking to buy either of the following PCI ADSL Modems, both of which are discontinued:
- Dick Smith Electronics XH1137 PCI ADSL Modem
- Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL Modem (previously sold by WorldNet)

Apparently an XH1137 was listed on TM a while back but received no offers and hasn't been relisted.

Thanks in advance,

drcspy, Sep 1, 8:50pm
Any particular reason ? .

charles.j, Sep 1, 9:12pm
Yea.. Why would you want to? I'm curious...

poohy99, Sep 1, 9:38pm
Ask him to relist: 236239583

cybertao, Sep 1, 9:52pm
^ Do that. I've got one, but won't be keen to let go of it for only $5.

mrfxit, Sep 1, 10:19pm
Got a Nokia adsl pci modem & another (can't remember what brand) floating around here some where .. .. WHY only the DSE model?

richms, Sep 2, 1:37am
Why some old adsl 1 piece of unreliable junk?

poohy99, Sep 2, 3:04am
Half the stuff on TM falls under that categorylook what else five bucks will get you: 239125461

law.house, Sep 2, 4:55am
I'd invest in a decent modem Mainly because of the poor security of old modems. As well as the fact you will more than likely be unnecessarily sacrificing internet speed

kevin16, Sep 2, 5:11am
The 'application' may not require 'speed', and may have to all fit in one box,.. some of you guys have such limited imagination,...

richms, Sep 2, 5:12am
There was a time when a PCI or USB modem was the only way to get the real world IP address on a computer rather then suffer being behind a NAT and possibly SPI firewall in a router.

Now there are plenty of routers that will change to be a PPTP or PPPoE to PPPoA relay to get the IP on a connected computer so the need for an old, poor quality PCI ADSL modem is all but gone. I am thinking there is something else it can be changed to do.

cybertao, Sep 2, 5:42am
It's basically just an ARM processor. If someone was keen to, they could rewrite the code blob that gets loaded onto it by the 'driver'. My guess? They want to replace an existing one in a linux box. IME, setting up a PPPoATM connection makes alchemy look like a legitimate branch of science in comparison.

drcspy, Sep 2, 5:45am
Hm............the op doens't look too interested in any replies

richms, Sep 2, 5:45am
Friend just uses routers that do PPPoE to PPPoA bridging now - the IP on the router is only for management of it which seems to work great. I used to use my old M1122 for ages since it had the PPTP to PPPoA mode. Sadly the line speeds offered on the old modems on long lines are just too low compared to adsl2+ ones for that to be viable. Since using the netgear with my machine as DMZ its been stable as. I dont think it makes table entries for UDP to the DMZ, unlike the old dynalink which would have its nat table fill up and crash every second day it would seem.

fonetikli, Sep 2, 10:20am
Thanks for all of the replies Thanks everyone - I had already requested a re-list of the XH1137, but no response as of yet. Hopefully I hear something back soon. I would have thought there would be a bunch of these lying around unused, but apparently not! I want to use it for some very specific testing in a PPPoA environment.

cybertao, Sep 2, 10:26am
Please sir, may I have some more details? What are you up to? I've never been able to get my head around setting up the PPPoATM. To say that info is terse is an understatement. [ http://ppp.samba.org/ ]

little_egypt, Sep 2, 10:30am
What was the qustion? http://www.wlug.org.nz/Half%20bridge%20with%20PPPoA you can half-bridge just about any modem, even the crappy old 302g's if you want.

pcmaster, Sep 2, 10:34am
I have one of those here make us a decent offer and its yours.

cybertao, Sep 2, 10:44am
I don't get it. The card syncs with the ADSL signal, but you need to make a PPPoATM connection from the kernel to it so you can 'dial in'.

fonetikli, Sep 2, 9:08pm
I'm really not sure what one of these would be worth (previous lister had a start price of $5 and did not get any bids!), but I would be happy to pay $20 including postage to Wellington. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks...

little_egypt, Sep 3, 1:05am
@ what's not to get? Networking is 'layered', normally the computer deals with everything above the IP layer and the router handles PPPoA, ATM, etc. Half-bridge just means deals with the next layer down and the modem passes raw PPPoA or translates PPPoE onto the ATM later instead of handling NAT and encapsulating IP into PPPoA itself.

fonetikli, Sep 3, 11:54pm
Bump shameless self-bump...

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