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mrsdoobercoons, Sep 1, 10:38pm
Mac users - leopard Hi. My other half uses leopard and he can make his own widget on dashboard. He tells me it will be possible to have a widget of "trademe listings with bids" which would be live. Can I do this with Tiger or is it just leopard? Thanks in advance

thegilly, Sep 2, 1:07am
It's been made an easy function in Leopard. I suspect you'd have to know a bit of coding to do it in Tiger. I'm not on my Tiger machine at present so can't check for you whether the feature has been added across the board to Safari 4. Others may know more.

deej5, Sep 2, 2:37am
This is what I do Open Safari and go to the webpage you want to make into a widget.
Choose File

deej5, Sep 2, 2:38am
Oops that's in Leopard

osymandias, Sep 2, 3:25am
You can get Snow Leopard for $60 new, time to update. Yes, it does let you upgrade from 10.4 Even though Apple states it's for updating from 10.5 only, the 10.6 disk works fine on 10.4

thegilly, Sep 2, 4:32am
But SL=Intel only, yes? needs to be aware of this in case the machine in question is PPC.

morrisman1, Sep 2, 4:41am
Yes intel only and about time! powerpc code would just bog it down as those chips cant take advantage of the new technologies anyway

mrsdoobercoons, Sep 2, 5:46am
I will certainly look into upgrading to leopard. thanks for the info

catcufflings, Sep 2, 5:52am
I hope to upgrade this week um i got a laptop begining of this year.. just the $1800 white ones. they should be ok to upgrade with this aye?

morrisman1, Sep 2, 6:21am
Yea perfect will run real good. did you get the version with the 9400m graphics or the x3100 graphics? the x3100 model came with a 2.1ghz cpu and the 9400m model had a 2.0ghz cpu. The difference is the 9400m model supports openCL which utilises the graphics card to perform floating point calculations which are usually involved in video encoding and other repetitive tasks.

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