Is it that hard to find 1 STUPID PRINTER CABLE!!!

me_bob1, Sep 2, 3:38am
Is it that hard to find 1 STUPID PRINTER CABLE!!! Arrrggghh this is crap. I bought a Sagem 3850 colour laser printer last week but cant print to it via Lan due to no supported lan software and trying to find a cable......AAARRRRGGGG

The cable is a HPCN36 half the size of a normal parallel port and about 5 or 6 years oldNO ONE HAS ONE or no one knows they have one


45kiwi, Sep 2, 3:40am
Last time i checked sagem didnt manufacture printers =S

me_bob1, Sep 2, 3:41am
AND THERES A GOOD REASON WHY You cant use the bloody things.....

whakatanerocks, Sep 2, 3:54am
Especially if they don't exist.

me_bob1, Sep 2, 3:59am
Not a lot of help so far people SOME ONE MUST HAVE A CLUE??? or is trademe full of clueless sella's from asia lol

richms, Sep 2, 4:03am
Is it the same plug as used on some HP lasers?

how come you cant use the lan to print? Just add a port with the printers IP address and windows will normally do it all from there.

pheonix, Sep 2, 4:11am
Ascent have them by the looks

0800xford, Sep 2, 4:12am
my imagination? 237070143

badcam, Sep 2, 4:16am
I could pull one out of my.No Sorry, wrong cable.

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:23am
No imagination thats it! Yea i tried adding the port using the ip number but no good. I think it needs some driver or some thing for it to work.

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:30am
Ascent is out of stock aaarrrggghhh And the tiny URL is perfect if only I knew were it was??

richms, Sep 2, 4:36am
Look for a HP laserjet parallel cable in that case.

I have one here on a laserjet I bought that is stuffed that could be sent yourway for gratisIf only there was a way you could get in touch with me outside of trademe...

richms, Sep 2, 4:42am
I have been known to use gmailcough...

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:44am
O MY If only you could ttx o two 1 0 two six seven 222 six. If that was to happen one might get rid of rubbish to add out inorganic collections

richms, Sep 2, 4:46am
dont have my phone on me, so no can do at the moment till I go home later. just see if you can work out how to email me from the big-ass clue above ;)

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:47am
Lol trying now

little_egypt, Sep 2, 4:48am
45kiwi you didn't check very hard then, they manufacture fax machines, printers, set top boxes, internet radios, video projectors, digital photo frames..

richms, Sep 2, 4:52am
The one you bought on the 26th looks like a piece of crap qms magicolor2 printer that the brother 2400 was based off, The printserver in the brother 2400 was a brother one so no idea what sagem may have put in their one. Would be suprised if you cant just add the IP and if needed change it over to LPR mode to get it going to it. No web interface on it at all?

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:53am
Yup they do Just dont buy an old one cause you cant get any bloody bits for them...

me_bob1, Sep 2, 4:57am
No web interface at all! useless

little_egypt, Sep 2, 4:58am
I'd check the manual
network printing should be the easiest option but perhaps it's been turned off? otherwise the cable you want is probably a 'mini-centronics 36' and no I don't have any. I used to though ;)

richms, Sep 2, 4:59am
Rebrand mostlyThey are a native french company that rebrands so that french people think they are supporting their own. Very hard to get support on their stuff.

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