how long have Xtra been doing ADSL2??

nzoomed, Sep 4, 6:21am
How long have Xtra been doing ADSL2?? i have done my first install for an ADSL2 connection with xtra the other day got 13mb/s out of it, not bad, anyone else tested it?

darkstar09, Sep 4, 6:26am
Uhh its bin round for awhile now.

nzoomed, Sep 4, 7:02am
Okfor some reason i have not heard about it, they seem to be telemarketing their customers about it, they are saying its new.

pcmaster, Sep 4, 7:05am
ADSL has been around since 2003.

pcmaster, Sep 4, 7:06am
ADSL2 has been around about a year and a half now I think?

sirfer, Sep 4, 7:06am
Get ~12Mbps here since they upgraded to ADSL2

nzoomed, Sep 4, 10:42am
For some reason i was thinking orcon and otherswere beating telecom to this with the LLU from the govt, orcon only have ADSL2 in auckland and parts of wellington at this stage, seems telecon are beating them to it now that this is going ahead.

swivel, Sep 4, 12:22pm
Lol and Telstra clear can only offer ADSL1 on copper. So she said when she came in to try and get me to change from TC. She said she could offer 8mbps (3 Mbps faster than the average) I showed her (speedtest) my 17Mbps. She left. But a great Arse

rahto, Sep 4, 8:55pm
I get sometimes 20 Mbps on Telecom BB. Averages around 18 though.

flewy, Sep 4, 9:03pm
Stink bro bloddy voda slow as, still only get 5Mbps here. And have heard nothing bout adsl2 coming yet.

nzoomed, Sep 4, 9:32pm
Lol im pretty happy with 4mbps if i got it faster without paying more id even be extra happy, it seems this is what telecon are doing, they are offering it to their customers at the same price as standard broadband for 2 years fixed contract, so that they are locked in during that time when other providers will be likley to offer cheaper deals.

swivel, Sep 4, 9:37pm
not correct. If your adsl2 capable then you get the speeds, You don't have to go on a plan for 2 years. When I went up in speed at home, it was because of line upgrade (Not Plan upgrade).

nzoomed, Sep 4, 10:02pm
Strange someone in our family got called by telecom this week, and they asked them if they wanted to upgrade to the faster telecom broadband network for the same price fixed for 2 years and send them a new adsl2 router, but they did not want to lock into a contract. Ive also had several others who have taken up this offer and they sent them a new wireless router.

biggal, Sep 4, 11:01pm
When I checked with TC about ADSL.2 they looked me up and said I wasn't close enough to a roadside cabinet to get it with any advantage.

sirfer, Sep 4, 11:03pm
same here interesting....

swivel, Sep 4, 11:30pm
Maybe you were on a adsl1 plan, or the modem was adsl. Or you were with another isp that wasn't adsl2

poohy99, Sep 5, 12:46am
14 in Napier CBD. It just "got faster" one day a few months ago, with not even a smug email notice from Telecom. My sister got the same sales call mentioned above too.

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