System Restore Question.

make_a_bid, Sep 4, 8:47am
System Restore Question. well anyways i downloaded this game off the internet, it was just over 1GB. So i go and install it right then my connection to my modem stops working(wireless). So i did a System Restore to before the game was installed and everything works fine now. Will i get my 1GB back aswell since i went back into time

waipawa, Sep 4, 8:54am
Yes I'm no expert but from my understanding what you downloaded is still there, but you will probably have to reinstall it to get it to work again.

babcorp, Sep 4, 9:02am
Only if you travelled back @ 88kbs

0800xford, Sep 4, 1:49pm
tee hee hee nice ;)

milliegirl, Sep 7, 10:18am
How constructive are your repliesSmall things seem to amuse small minds by the last two replies. Why bother if you are not clued up enough to help?

drcspy, Sep 7, 5:44pm
If the game you downloaded was 1gb then you've used up that amount of your data allowance. The isp dont' know or care that you've run system restore or what the hell you've done with the computer they record the data downloaded/uploaded and that's the end of wont get back yoru 1gb of data usage you've already used it......tough. dumb question.

blacklisted2, Sep 7, 6:40pm
Ralf. .

flewy, Sep 7, 6:47pm
Two little boys.

blacklisted2, Sep 7, 6:47pm
sitting in the tree

flewy, Sep 7, 6:50pm
? i thort they had two little toys?

drcspy, Sep 7, 7:34pm
??? bit early for boozing isn't it ?

suicidemonkey, Sep 7, 9:30pm
No, you win't get your 1GB back.

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