How do you access the shell prompt. I want to

babybird2, Sep 4, 10:44pm
How do you access the shell prompt. I want to determine my attenuation figure and it was recommended to me to type "ipconfig /all " at a shell prompt. Can any one advise? I kinda had it in my head how to do this and now after a week its all gone. Very slow ram (brain) today and slow HD (my memory) generally lol!

icioufa, Sep 4, 10:46pm
Start /run type in here...

icioufa, Sep 4, 10:48pm
Sorry thats start/run type in cmd then once that opens the ipconfig /all

babybird2, Sep 4, 10:56pm
Do I restart the computer and type it there? Crikey, I'm thick.

sirfer, Sep 4, 11:00pm
No restart required start - run and type cmd in the space provided.

babybird2, Sep 4, 11:17pm
Cheers. i have found out the default gateway address and typed this into my browser and found out my router details. However I have been given an attenuation chart address, And I can't seem to work this part out. I'm looking for the true synch speed of my router. Where is the attenuation details of the above web page?

r.g.nixon, Sep 5, 12:00am
Browse your router(gateway) IP address to get attenuation and noise levels.

babybird2, Sep 5, 12:03am
I,ve done that but can't find the info. I typed in Where do I find the attenuation and noice on the page that comes up?

gyrogearloose, Sep 5, 12:07am
Depends on the router mines on a pages called Status, ADSL. That link was intresting, it suggests that for the cost of an ADSL2+ router, I could increase from 3300kbps to about 5000kbps...

drcspy, Sep 5, 12:21am
Http:// is NOT any kind of address which will get you IN to your router to check out the information you are looking for.......what make/model of router is it?

drcspy, Sep 5, 12:25am
yeh IF adsl2 is available in your area..........

r.g.nixon, Sep 5, 12:26am
Dynalinks tend to be, Dlinks maybe

babybird2, Sep 5, 12:30am
I have adsl2 in my area. The router is thomson TG585v7 supplied by telecom.

drcspy, Sep 5, 12:37am
Then the address you need to type into the address bar to access the modem is then tap enter.......when the username/password box comes up type admin for the user name and admin for the password.........THEN you'll be IN the router where you can take a look around......warning the thompson doesn't have that much of a 'user friendly' interface - things can be a bit hard to find in there.....

babybird2, Sep 5, 12:51am
Done all that and I am in however can not find attenuation Dp figure or any info on noice. Any further advise drcspy so far so good...

babybird2, Sep 5, 12:54am
It stats 54 Mbps under heading 'actual speed' what does this mean?

drcspy, Sep 5, 12:57am
That's the speed of the wireless connection between the computer and the modem......I do have one of those thompson modems lyign around but cant be bothered setting it up just now......get on google you'll find user manuals for them easily enough

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