VirtualBox and 64bit O/S

VirtualBox and 64bit O/S how do you enable hardware virtualization? Do both the motherboard and cpu need to have it or just the cpu.

geek_flewy, Sep 5, 1:06 pm

You need a cpu that supports it I'm aware intel has special chips. Not sure about amd however

geek_charles.j, Sep 5, 1:14 pm

Spec sheet says it does its a X2 5200+ AM2, but just cant get it to accept ubuntu 64 in VB.

geek_flewy, Sep 5, 1:16 pm

Have you enabled hardware virtualization in the computers BIOS?

geek_wickedtrader, Sep 5, 4:30 pm

No , as i cant locate it.

geek_flewy, Sep 5, 4:41 pm

What version of VB? found this on a forum dated early August, "There is also an issue with recent releases where the hardware virtualization wasn't detected properly. This has been fixed in the SVN release and should be included in 3.0.4. When it will be released is unknown, but probably sometime this month."

geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 5, 4:49 pm

Pretty sure i got ver3

i'll restart the pc later and have another look thru the bios.

geek_flewy, Sep 5, 4:53 pm

I run 3.0.5 r50677

geek_intrade, Sep 5, 4:59 pm

Wops 3.0.4 r..........

geek_intrade, Sep 5, 5:00 pm

Were are your balls, intrade. You're not running 3.0.6_BETA1?

geek_cybertao, Sep 5, 5:03 pm

Flewyyy You need virtualbox 2.0 to run as x64.

geek_lifesteala, Sep 5, 9:34 pm

As per this site

geek_lifesteala, Sep 5, 9:35 pm

Oh my bad...They've got v3.0.4 now.

geek_lifesteala, Sep 5, 9:37 pm