Thanks Snow Leopard my Hp printer wont work now..

justjuice1, Sep 7, 7:23am
Thanks Snow Leopard my Hp printer wont work now.. .. Is there a way around this?

dunedin_ree, Sep 7, 7:35am
Have you tried removing/adding it again does your model appear in the list of printers when you add it? Did you install all the printer drivers when you installed SL? What kind of installation did you do?

justjuice1, Sep 7, 7:40am
Yeap I tried deleting the printer & re-installing My model (F380) All in one, doesn't appear on the list and think that is the problem.. I did an upgrade from standard leopard..

justjuice1, Sep 7, 7:42am
Yeap I tried the optional Printer support on the SL disk

dunedin_ree, Sep 7, 7:44am
Go to the HP site and see if they have drivers newsflash, sometimes when you upgrade your operating system there aren't drivers available on day 1. Possibly a generic driver might work, try Googling or do a bit of testing yourself.

dunedin_ree, Sep 7, 7:46am
First Google result:

gibler, Sep 7, 9:34am
No surprises there..try the Gutenprint or here:

malachiman, Sep 7, 10:49am
Not really SL fault if you didn't check before you updated.

justjuice1, Sep 8, 5:35am
I managed to download the updated driver here
Yeap Hp Fault eh!!

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