Dragon naturally speaking 9 and vista 64bit

gdf001, Sep 8, 12:35am
Dragon naturally speaking 9 and vista 64bit This program is theoretically not able to run on Vista 64bit. However the following site says that it can be done and gives instructions. I would appreciate the thoughts of someone who is more knowledgeable than me before I give it a go.Does it all make sense to you,can I do any damage to my system?
The site is:

Many thanks, back later today after work.

vtecintegra, Sep 8, 12:41am
You won't damage the rest of your system, but it will be a bit hit and miss as the whether the dictation software will work properly (and you'll get no support)

gdf001, Sep 8, 4:44am
Thank you vtecintegra It seems there is no harm in trying then,cant use the program anyway at present so to have use of it without support will be an improvement. Do you know if these compatability problems with Vista will be ironed out with Windows 7?

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