Thunderbird: how to change the accounts order?

geek_wyseman, Apr 22, 6:09 am
Thunderbird: how to change the accounts order? Read about it from the Help but couldn't figure it out.

geek_rhys.m, Apr 22, 6:18 am
What don't you understand? Get the addon "Folderpane Tools" from and install it.

geek_wyseman, Apr 22, 6:50 am
The file is a .xpi, computer couldn't open it. Tried to do it manually by changing the code. The user preference code is not in thunderbird/tools/options/advanced/config editor. Or I was not sure which part of the code was the User Preference. Cheers.

geek_rhys.m, Apr 22, 6:51 am
To install the addon in Thunderbird click Tools then Add-ons. Make sure Extensions is selected along the top and click "Install" in the bottom right. Navigate to the XPI file and double click it. Should be installed after restarting Thunderbird.

geek_wyseman, Apr 22, 7:06 am
Installed by following your directions, also restarted Thunderbird. Now how can I change the accounts order? Cheers.

geek_rhys.m, Apr 22, 7:09 am
Go into Add-ons where you installed it and select the Folderpane Tools add-on which is in there now. Theres an "Options" button, select that and you can re-arrange them in there.

geek_wyseman, Apr 22, 8:06 am
It works! Thanks a lot rhys! :)

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