printer ink question

olack, Sep 10, 8:11am
Printer ink question Would refill black ink work ok in any brand printer cartridge?

bomb_shelter, Sep 10, 11:27am
?Not sure that you're questions makes much sense.
Do you mean can you refill any brand ink cartridge in black? or what? lol.

comfreak91, Sep 10, 3:35pm
It should do .

comfreak91, Sep 10, 3:36pm
Be careful sometimes as some inks are different qualities and dont like mixing, try empty it out if you can first

shinedog, Sep 10, 9:02pm
Some printers are a little sensitive to the micron size of the ink, I used the wrong ink for my HP once and it clogged the heads so threw out that cartridge, I get many good refills (black) with a HP compatible ink, not much luck with colour.

olack, Sep 11, 12:19am
Thank you, and I asked a question on a printer ink ..traders auction for colour inks and the trader sells a compatible black ink refil for $12.00 for 100mls.

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