Adobe Flash Player

jvkv, Sep 11, 7:00am
Adobe Flash Player What is Adobe Flash player needed for and is it simple to install on an older computer (Windows 2000)?
Several times I have been told it was needed before viewing video clips online.

0800xford, Sep 11, 7:05am you should be good to go

jvkv, Sep 11, 7:41pm
Adobe Flash Player If I don't have broadband could I still install this please

aktell, Sep 11, 8:06pm
Flash Player Yes, it is only 1.4 mB -
Include in your install also the Schockwave Player 4.10 mB -

drcspy, Sep 11, 8:24pm dont need BB to download most files...unless you're downloadin an operating system .iso or similar. I once downloaded a 480mb file on dialup it' wasn't difficult. Just used a download manager and it took a few days but wasn't any issue. On dialup you can calculate that the approx d/l time will be about 5mins per if the file is 12Mb then it'll take an hour approx.......what's hard about that ?

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