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qazzy03, Sep 12, 2:38am
Advice: On for shopping online Hi, i just bought 2 1.5TB harddrive from Digitalcity online. I was very happy with my purchase however about an hour later they sent me a email saying that the price was an error and that they are willing to refund the payment if it was already sent.

My question is should i accept this or it has been suggested to me to look up the consumer act and see if i can get my purchase for the price i paid for it.
I was wondering if someone had an opinion about what i should do, or if this has happened to someone before.

ferita, Sep 12, 2:43am
In New Zealand if the price is wrong then they can do that. In other countries they cant but in New Zealand they dont have to give it to you if there is an error with the price.

drcspy, Sep 12, 2:44am
If a price is in 'error' then the retailer has the option not to sell it to you at that price.....however if you have already paid then the transaction has gone 'through' and I'm not sure if they can renege on it......ring the Commerce comission....

qazzy03, Sep 12, 5:44am
Thanks okay, cheers for the advice

puddleduck00, Sep 12, 6:08am
Fair trading act..under pricing ..The money would not have come out of your credit card account, therefore I doubt you could claim that the transaction has already gone through. I'm not completely sure on this though, i'd definitely call and find out. Good luck though.

ross1970, Sep 12, 6:10am
A seller doesn't have to sell at a price wrongfully advertised, if a genuine mistake was made in advertising a price. 's case is that the seller carried thru a sale at a set price, the purchaser paid, goods changed hands, the contract under the sale of goods act was completed. No onus on the purchaser to revisit the contract if they don't want to.

ross1970, Sep 12, 6:38am
as soon as the seller delivers goods to a carrier ( postal, courier, trucking firm whatever ) for transmission to the buyer when it is not a credit sale, then they are deemed to have accepted payment and property in the goods is transferred to the buyer.

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