Help needed for printer error

fluffyfings, Sep 12, 5:08am
Help needed for printer error Hi there, My brother printer (DCP350C) is displaying an error message...Unable to init. 43Does anyone have an idea on what this means or how to fix.

fluffyfings, Sep 12, 5:27am
Ok Have turned it off and then back on and now its displaying a diff error message

Low Temperature

Allow machine to warm up to room temperture
It was displaying this measseage most of yesterday and I didnt take much notice as I didnt need to use it

simonfphotos, Sep 12, 7:31am
Brother Printer Ok first the "Unable to Initialize" error means that it has a mechanical error. The suggestion is to unplug from the mains for a few minutes.

Suggest you look in the user manual. If you don't have then look at this site.

fluffyfings, Sep 12, 7:57am
Thanks so much for your help simon...will do that now

fluffyfings, Sep 12, 11:01am
Well I truely think its ka-put...........I did what was suggested to no avail, and now I can't even manually turn it off with the on/off button.
Argh, looks like I am in the need for a new printer although I did think they lasted a bit longer then two years

simonfphotos, Sep 13, 9:25am
Printer I would ask the place you bought it from, as It should last more than that

deodar, Sep 13, 10:33am
2 years is reasonable life expectancy for brothers Before they develop faults and
character flaws show up out of
warranty period.Take it back to The
Little Shop of Horrors.

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