Other than iPhone 3GS, what's the best..

jaja6, Sep 13, 1:29am
Other than iPhone 3GS, what's the best.. touch screen phone in the market. Someone's personal experience of the phone will be appreciated. Thanks.

profink, Sep 13, 2:40am
Nokia 5800, LG Arena KM900, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia HD i8910, HTC Magic. There are a lot. Lots of googling at reading phone reviews is what you have to do. Also view and play with the phones in person to see which one YOU like best.

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 13, 3:16am
Apprently the 5800 gets crap reviews, LG arena maybe.

vtecintegra, Sep 13, 3:18am
The 5800 is fine, just the interface isn't too slick. Very functional though.

mikep2000, Sep 13, 3:24am
have used the 5800 found it infuriating to use, mainly due to it not being very responsive.

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