Other than iPhone 3GS, what's the best..

Other than iPhone 3GS, what's the best.. touch screen phone in the market. Someone's personal experience of the phone will be appreciated. Thanks.

geek_jaja6, Sep 13, 1:29 pm

Nokia 5800, LG Arena KM900, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia HD i8910, HTC Magic. There are a lot. Lots of googling at reading phone reviews is what you have to do. Also view and play with the phones in person to see which one YOU like best.

geek_profink, Sep 13, 2:40 pm

Apprently the 5800 gets crap reviews, LG arena maybe.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Sep 13, 3:16 pm

The 5800 is fine, just the interface isn't too slick. Very functional though.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 13, 3:18 pm

have used the 5800 found it infuriating to use, mainly due to it not being very responsive.

geek_mikep2000, Sep 13, 3:24 pm