Printer ink advice please :)

deanna4, Apr 22, 9:42am
Printer ink advice please :) Hi just bought a canon pixma ip4500, and just looking on trademe for when i need to buy more ink.. because in the shops its 24.99 each ink.. just wanting to know if any canon ink will work?? thanks

puffydawg, Apr 22, 10:27am
Be careful Youa re best to buy the genuine Canon ink for those printers, yes they are pricy but you brought that printer i presume for photos and thats why you brought a premium printer also the cheap and nasty ink cartridges due the the chips on the cartridges may not register with the printer correctly and then when the cartridge runs out it wont stop printing and burn out the heads which are very expensive. Some compatibles are ok and some are not if you are going to use compatibles every third set use genuine this will keep the heads clean, also make sure if you buy compatibles you get a written gaurantee from the seller that are fully compatible with your printer and have been fully tested.

deanna4, Apr 22, 10:30am
Cheers mate yea i noticed the ink's on here which are cheap are not Canon.. and about the heads.. thanks for that.. i just thought the quality would be lessened.. the main things i will be printing is directly to cd, cd covers and assignments whichyes contain some photos. how about refilling?? i just bought this printer and not sure how much ink is left in each tank as they are not full when bought..

soodanim, Apr 22, 10:49am Most of the compatible ink I've seen here for mine, iP4300, require you to reuse the chips and then reset them etc and look like more trouble than they are worth. I think your printer takes the same cartridges? CLi8/PGi5bk? Costs $56 ish for all 5 cartridges from ezyink.

richms, Apr 22, 11:05am
... Grab a continuous ink system - no risk of running out then.

I found that pigmented ink wasnt as good on printable dvds, seems to float over the surface rather then soak into it like the dyes do.

soodanim, Apr 22, 11:11am
Quality of the printable disc would make a difference...I've used a few most have been great, couple of the really cheap brands take a while to dry...Most are pretty instant drying.

deanna4, Apr 22, 11:49am
Thanks heaps guys ok so pigmented ink.. whats this?? sounds good..Yes mine are the CLI 5BK, CLI all other types.. $56 is damn good for 5 canon ones.. damn noel lemming. 29 each bugger that.
thanks again

deanna4, Apr 22, 11:51am
Sorry yea i meant PGI-5BK and all rest are CLI

soodanim, Apr 22, 12:33pm
Hint... always keep the original cartridges...while it's still under warranty...just in case and replace them if needed. (Not that they should cause problems) They like to blame "compatible" ink for "damages" but the cartridges aren't always the cause....but they may try and wiggle their way out of the warranty because you've used compatible ink.

pat25, Apr 22, 8:23pm
Genuine Canon Ink Supplies Try Their prices are good - around $19 per colourfrom memory

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