acer tm2410 display prob

Acer tm2410 display prob anyone else had this prob? - hard to describe but here goes.....

on startup - even during post, the display shows an area of aprox 1 inch on the bottom, and 4 inches rh side where the picture/display is "stretched" and unusable. Machine is 2 years old and this fault just started happening - everything else works ok. Yes, ive tried reinstalling vid drivers and defaulting bios.
To beter describe the fault - the display is "full" but those afected areas cannot be used. the cursor disapears when place into the affected areas, and elongated lines/bars show where the cursor should be.

geek_john.s, Sep 14, 8:58 pm

doesn't sound good, maybe you could replace the screen? this is an interesting site - the video 'chip' could be poked

geek_0800xford, Sep 14, 9:08 pm

Just did a reboot and this time it came up all good - very intermittant prob. Is the vid driver used during the bootup screen or just under windows enviroment? will look at that site too btw

geek_john.s, Sep 14, 9:30 pm

If it is happening before you've booted into Windows that rules put a driver issue (which it doesn't sound like anyway). I had a new Acer with similar behavior out of the box - don't know what the problem was because i just got a replacement but its probably a hardware fault.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 14, 9:49 pm

Bummer :( out of warranty, and prob cost more than its worth to fix - ive delt with acer repair b4.

geek_john.s, Sep 14, 10:03 pm

buy another identical one and swap some stuff around?

geek_0800xford, Sep 14, 10:14 pm