Help... Adobe Flash Player problems

paulos10, Sep 15, 5:36am
HelpAdobe Flash Player problems My partner is trying to play FarmVille on Facebook, it would work so we uploaded latest Adobe Flash Player, its says installation is complete, however game still not working...

0800xford, Sep 15, 6:02am
is it just me or is this a really common 'problem'?

stardesta, Sep 15, 6:02am
Maybe you need to restart comp? .

stardesta, Sep 15, 6:03am
its just you .

0800xford, Sep 15, 6:04am
answer the question you geek!

moses1311, Sep 15, 7:13am
I know someone else with the same prob :( anyone got any suggestions i can pass on?

0800xford, Sep 15, 7:20am
cache, cookies, browser, add-ons, javascript, adblockers, firewall, pebcak? who knows, need more info.

nzmu, Sep 15, 7:20am
Uninstall old version firstsee here

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