Two PC's and One Printer

pato1, Sep 16, 3:43am
Two PC's and One Printer I want to share my printer with two computers. Can I do that using a Hub.? I am using XP Pro on one PC and XP home on the other.

pato1, Sep 16, 3:54am
Please ignore my request. I have found the info' I need. Cheers.

mojo49, Sep 16, 3:55am
If the printer is network capable, use a network hub. Id the printer is USB, buy a two PC to one PC USB hub. Plenty on TM from $30 upwards. I use a 3 PC to 1 printer USB hub with no problems.

pato1, Sep 16, 4:13am
I presume some printers are NOT network capable. I never thought about that. I guess I have better find out about that before I go any further.
The printer is a HP Photosmart D6160. So back to google!!

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