Hackintosh now on Snow Leopard

morrisman1, Sep 16, 9:46am
Hackintosh now on Snow Leopard got it up and running with a retail version of Snow leopard. Had to sort out graphics drivers, just used the same EFI string as i did in leopard but i had to put it in two places, in the boot loader area and in the systemconfiguration folder as well. Sound and LAN worked out of the box as i configured the install dvd to have the drivers for them. Its running a 64 bit kernal and holy shit its fast!! Itunes launches in one bounce which ive never seen before, only macbook which uses a 32bit kernal it takes about 5 bounces. I dont think the slower harddrive would contribute that much, the hackintosh has slower ram and slower CPU as well so the 64 bit kernal seems to be doing its job nicely.

malachiman, Sep 16, 9:52am
Wow although from what i have been reading it makes no difference if you boot the 64 or 32bit kernel (unless you need 4gb ram) because even under the 32bit kernel 64bit apps will still run in 64bit, have you tried both to compare?? SL by default boots in 32

malachiman, Sep 16, 9:54am
Ops just read you mentioned iTunes thats crazy its that fast, itunes 9 is still 32bit

morrisman1, Sep 16, 10:08am
Snow leopard hackintosh will boot in 64bit default i havnt tried it in 32bit to make a comparison. Ill do that soon though

morrisman1, Sep 16, 10:10am
Forgot to mention, im still running off a usb drive

profink, Sep 16, 10:25am
Very nice. I'm looking at hunting down a Dell Mini 9 and turning it into a nice little hackintosh in the near future.

morrisman1, Sep 16, 10:26am
For some reason i cannot get it to run in 32 bit it will have a kernel panic on startup.

osymandias, Sep 16, 10:39am
Weird you needed the string in both boot.plists oh wellthat's hackies for you. BTW, whoever posted that you need 64bit mode to access more then 4GB ram under OSX is an ass, windows yes, OSX no.

morrisman1, Sep 16, 10:44am
The gfx card drivers aint working right im not getting any graphics acceleration, im getting hte proper resolution but the graphics card isnt doing any work. Im going to try fix that now

morrisman1, Sep 16, 11:33am
Its beyond me at this stage ive asked on the insanelymac forum so hopefully theres some useful replies to that. My resolution is correct but the graphics performance is as if its not being accelerated. I dont think that Core Image and Quartz extreme are working and i know OpenCL isnt working. Some say that all three should work but i havnt achieved that yet. I cannot get OSX86tools to produce an EFI string under Snow leopard so im using one that ive generated under Leopard

morrisman1, Sep 16, 2:03pm
Got it going. i reinstalled Snow Leopard and made sure that the correct graphics EFI string was on the boot.plist file on the installer image and then made sure it was also on the drive after snow leopard was installed but before first boot. Its working a treat currently, nice smooth animations, full range of resolutions available, OpenCL is working so the late night and tiredness for tomorrow is definetely worth it. Now the task is to back up 500gb of data to another drive and then move this install over to a new drive then ensure that the boot loader is on the new drive and ill probably have to take the harddrive out of the computer and usb it to my macbook to do that via the terminal application. Might be able to write the necessary files to a disk then use terminal from the install image. hmm thats an idea

osymandias, Sep 16, 3:19pm
Waitafter you back up, why can't you restore the SL drive onto your "primary?" Then, just install Chameleon onto it, make sure you have the same stuff in the /extra folder as the SL drive - and you are good to go. Good job on the GPU by the way. I would have been tempted just to resort to natit if it was giving me that much of a run around. My 250GTS Leo strings worked in Snow kitty, well I'm still only using one of the cards in OSX, no SLI on the Hacky...

osymandias, Sep 16, 3:20pm
BTW, if your temp SL drive is big enough you can use migration assistant to automatically move all your apps and data onto the it. Then when you restore it onto the permanent drive, you are all set.

malachiman, Sep 16, 9:27pm
I never said you "needed" 64bit kernal to run more than 4gb ram, well aware that OSX handles ram differently, I was mentioning I had read there was little benefit to running the 64bit kernel, unless you were using huge ram amount (obviously didnt word that too well)

malachiman, Sep 16, 9:33pm
Hey Morrisman did you finish your case yet??

morrisman1, Sep 16, 11:42pm
Nah i havnt yet. im sure i will as ive gone and got the perspex stuff done which is the hard bit. I just need to find the wood. it would help if i had a router to use, it would help a lot

morrisman1, Sep 17, 12:43am
Heres a screenshot showing most system information: http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/6227/screenshot20090917at124.png

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