Gaming section is slow so.......

dino7, Sep 16, 9:41am
Gaming section is slow so...Trying a post here,World in Conflict.
Anyone play this? just got it and have it patched to 1.010 but it wants to auto update to 1.011, does someone know where can i get a safe download of 1.010 to 1.011? (so i can save the download) some files are 400mb and some 177mb which seems dodgy. Yes i have searched but if you know of a trusted download please post a link.

vtecintegra, Sep 16, 9:50am
Any particular reason why you won't just let it auto update? The size difference is probably because the patches are different for different localisations of the game, you'll need to figure out which one you have before you download anything manually

dino7, Sep 16, 11:15am
Re2 just would prefer to have the patch on disc rather than 'live updating' if installed again ...i have patches 1 to 10 just 11 i need.
Might all be in vain anyway, bought on here 2nd hand if online is registered to an email address so hoping guy never played online or will transfer the account to my email address.
Saying all this i just played single player on easy and i am shite at it just now so online might be months away:P graphics are superbbbbbb though!

olack, Sep 16, 1:11pm
I will get it for yougive me the details and I can download and put it on a cd and mail it to you. Have you decided what size the download should be?

olack, Sep 16, 1:29pm
Standard, collectors, uk or us version? 3 are 399mbs and 1 is 406mbs.

dino7, Sep 17, 4:47am
Hey Olack thanks for the offer but if you give me a link i will download it:)

olack, Sep 17, 6:36am
I downloaded it last night and I can burn it to a cd and post it if you want it. Gamers Hell, no need to register.

dino7, Sep 17, 10:51am
I would have taken you up on the offer thanks olack BUT downloaded the update through the game and found the cd key is already registered to an email account so useless - single player only for me ....should have made sure on the auction but guy after i bought it can't remember registering against his email address oh well, i'm crap at it anyway but the graphics and gameplay are pretty impressive.

olack, Sep 17, 11:44am
Find him and ask him for the key search through your feedbacks for any details. Lucky if he has any auctions up.

olack, Sep 17, 9:32pm
Could he could unregister his subscription ? ...change his registration details into your name.

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