Quick question.. I have 2 computers-one adsl modem

westygal, Sep 16, 10:59am
Quick question.. I have 2 computers-one adsl modem 2 long ethernet cables. Right, where would the best place for modem be? Would it effect it if I stuck it on the tv or something? I mean whats the best place to put it for best reception(its wireless though I connect my pcs by cable). I've actually got the modem plugged into the phone socket with the ethercables connected to it but stretched all over my lounge into my pcs basically (which are on other side of room. The problem being my net speed( on both pcs) is really really slow and Im not sure why?

Im presuming it has to do with the way I have the cables connected or the place I have my modem? Suggestions please? Will check thread in the morning.. off to bed now.. nite all :)

vtecintegra, Sep 16, 11:03am
More likely to be a problem with your ISP than your LAN setup.

drcspy, Sep 16, 5:02pm
Your LAN speed should be 100Mb/s that's the speed between the modem and the computer. run a speedtest at www.speedtest.net and report back. Oh and check if you've gone over your monthly usage allowance wiht your isp.

westygal, Sep 16, 8:01pm
It is at 100 mbps both my computers are. Im sure the computer icon at the bottem is wrong because it takes ages just to open a page! Its frustrating. Im presuming I've set the modem and cables up wrong? Should the modem be in a certain place? How can I check the cables?

westygal, Sep 16, 8:05pm
Im not over my limitim with Slingshot and we are always given the option to buy more data blocks. Ok, I gotta go.. I will do a speed test and get back with results when I get back. Cheers

drcspy, Sep 16, 8:19pm
It doesn't matter where you put the modem so long as it's connecting to the computers......and you cant setup the cables 'wrong' if they're connecting then theres no way you can get them wrong........use a little logic take a look at the setup ......you can only plug the cables into the modem in the correct holes you cant plug em anywhere else and if it's reporting the 100Mb connection speed then theres nothing wrong with the connection between the COMPUTERS and the MODEM. However that doesn't mean you're not getting shitty INTERNET speeds and this is a totally different issue.

peg228, Sep 16, 9:20pm
If you have the modem plugged into a phone line using a cableand your computers plugged into the modem using more cable The wireless feature of your modem doesn't matter, and neither does it's position. Turn the wireless off.

macnamara, Sep 16, 9:36pm
Connect the shortest possible cable to the phone jack and run the ethernet cables as long as needed. The phone jack cable is the most prone to interference.

lostdude, Sep 16, 9:42pm
Probably a line issue. How many phones in the house? How many have filters attached? etc etc...

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