Acer empowering technology

gtp, Sep 17, 12:06am
Acer empowering technology Can somebody tell me what it does and is it useful for an average user (email, internet, open office, few photos for TM etc), could it be safely removed (add/remove)as it seems to clog up on Startup. Is it linked to any other programs etc.

gtp, Sep 17, 12:07am
I have googled but get conflicting answers?

gibler, Sep 17, 12:19am
It is mostly bull from what I've seen just a bunch of utilities. Of course power management utils are quite useful. See:

vtecintegra, Sep 17, 12:59am
Removing It'll probably stop any extra media keys etc working.

selfdestructive, Sep 20, 6:02am
..........acer = messing with technology. Personally anything acer is problematic. I wont recommend acer to anyone as they are problematic, their tech supports utter crap and the ones I fixed either have hardware problems or they are too under resourced for their designated operating system (mostly vista) or they are just not worth the money you pay for them.

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