i need a couple of wireless adaptors for my

I need a couple of wireless adaptors for my desktop computers. What type/speed/kind should I be looking for? I see a few on Trade Me but Im not sure what I should be looking at? Please advice

geek_westygal, Sep 18, 5:42 pm

I found a Netgear-MA111-802-11b-Wireless-Adapter going really cheap. Are they any good? I run a d link adsl wirelss modem?

geek_westygal, Sep 18, 5:45 pm

Hellllloooooo ayone????? Im so borderlining on doing the buy now for this Netgear-MA111-802-11b-Wireless-Adapter but I dont know if its fast, slow or thatnot or even compatible with my modem

geek_westygal, Sep 18, 5:59 pm

have you not looked up the difference between b, g, and n etc yet? b is old and slow, hence the price. look at your manual for your dlink router to see what it can handle.

geek_0800xford, Sep 18, 6:15 pm


geek_0800xford, Sep 18, 6:16 pm

You don't want to go any slower the g. BTW make sure the card you buy supports WPA2 encryption, WEP is too weak these days.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 18, 6:17 pm

Thanks vtecintegraI didnt know that and 0800xford? Cheers for that. I was trying to google the modem by name but you know how manufactors or whatnot are.. they tend to make out their products are the best so I wasnt sure what to think:)

geek_westygal, Sep 19, 8:16 am