Printer problems.

pongo3, Sep 18, 8:23am
Printer problems. Have a Brother 115c Printer.
I know its a cheapo but I think its great and it sure does all I need BUT.
has decided on a go slow.
Yesterday took an hour and a half
to print a colour page and now getting slower and slower with black&white.
Doesn't appear to be problem getting data from PC to printer but printer has problem then on.

Any suggestions please.
Almost like it needs a clean out.

pongo3, Sep 18, 8:26am
Perhaps It would pay to upgrade. I see warehouse have a larger machine at $99 and apparently the cartridges are cheaper ie about $19 each. What think the experts.

pongo3, Sep 18, 10:18am

0800xford, Sep 18, 10:38am
can the printer just be 'reset'? have you changed anything since it last worked as it should?

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