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christopher53, Sep 19, 12:29am
Network printer I have had to reinstall Vista on a laptop.
It was networked with my desktop computer and printer, so I could print from my laptop. The desktop is using XP.
Both computers are connected to a D-Link wireless modem/router.
All of the network settings have been deleted on the laptop.
How do I reconnect the laptop to the network?
I am not a tech type person so easy peasy please. cheers

babcorp, Sep 19, 12:45am

babcorp, Sep 19, 12:47am

simonfphotos, Sep 19, 1:34am
Network printer. Ok first is the printer connected to the Desktop or to the router. If you can connect it directly to the router that means you don't have to have the Desktop powered up all the time.
Go to Control Panel/Printers and follow the set up as a networked option.

christopher53, Sep 19, 1:45am
The printer is connected to the desktop. It is a HP deskjet F380. I dont think I can put it directly to the router.

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