Access Help needed.

quick-trade, Mar 12, 10:05am
Access Help needed. Hi all,

Just playing with Access fairly new to it. What I'm wanting to know is basically I have lets call it Table Data and I've got Last Name, First Name in separate columns. I than have Table Full Name, With column Full Name. I have a relationship between the primary key of Table Data and the column Full Name.

I have a form the displays the Full Name column. It creates a drop down list but I can only get Last Name to appear. I want to be able to have Last Name & First Name to appear as two people may have the same last name. How do I do this?

I'm a novice at this and my database has been simplified to try to get what I'm trying to achieve across. Thanks!

rhys.m, Mar 12, 6:54pm
I wouldn't suggest having a completely seperate table setup just for Last Names. Sure, people will have the same last names but I would just find it annoying having to select someones last name from a list box of what could be thousands of possibilities. Just have the table with a First Name and Last Name column and the fields can be populated manually.

johnlyn, Mar 12, 7:18pm
Usually Usually first and last names are in one table and relationships of other data can be in another table, so agree with rhys.m

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