Help!!! I can not access internet - virus

babybird2, Sep 20, 9:10am
Help!!! I can not access internet - virus I have a virus on my computer. when I enter a webpage a message comes up saying "This website has been reported as unsafe". I can't seem to download anything. In the address field the words 'about blank' comes up?? Can someone help me to fix...I can only click three times and the message comes up...

0800xford, Sep 20, 9:23am
that's not a virus. post a link to the site if you like. my home page is set to about:blank too

deodar, Sep 20, 10:04am
About blank is as discovered a trojan & home page hijacker.There is plenty of cures on Goggle.

0800xford, Sep 20, 10:11am
maybe it's a viral vid /deadpan

deodar, Sep 20, 10:11am
Well & for sure you were correct baby bird as well 1000,000 results say it is a virus.
Be wary of some of these Goggle
results,just as bad.

deodar, Sep 20, 10:24am
Bird if you can't go anywhere on the net But can get Google page,download
Chrome as it shouldn't be affected,
this being an exclusive IE problem.
Chrome is easy to use& good.

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