I can't download Adobe Flash Player

immi2, Sep 21, 12:38pm
I can't download Adobe Flash Player I followed instructions on the internet - checked Javascript enabled, checked custom setting in Internet Options/Security and clicked Prompt to ActiveX parts. Even uninstalled from internet link, still no luck. Any bright suggestions please??? many thanks.

olack, Sep 21, 12:42pm
Guessing, go to the Win32 folder, check thatremove all the stuff from the Macromedia folder than try. I think the reason is there is old stuff in that folder. Maybe even search Adobe.com for the removal tools. The forums does have the answer. I remember.

olack, Sep 21, 12:43pm
Macromedia folder...that is inthe Win32 folder, or near it somewhere...do the adobe.com thing better...zzzzzzz

immi2, Sep 21, 12:52pm
Olack..OK now use baby language: I looked at win32 - can't see mozilla firefox. I did uninstall already nthrough this: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/402/kb402435.html

0800xford, Sep 21, 1:31pm
olack said "Macromedia folder" not the mozilla folder

immi2, Sep 21, 8:25pm
0800xford tx 0800 I am too scared to remove anything I shouldn't. Idid search and can't find macromedia folder. What else is it called?? I am not a teco so baby talk me.

immi2, Sep 21, 9:29pm
Thanks all - resolved!!!! I am not sure if uninstalling Adobe Photo did the trick but it did. I also went back in and RESET custom level and downloaded from filehippo rahter than the adobe site. tx all

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