Mac Pro vs iMac :)

dafing, Sep 23, 10:33am
Mac Pro vs iMac :) Thank you in advance for your time :)

Im a longtime Apple user, considering replacing my PowerMac G5. I love it more than life itself, but I could do with replacing it. I wont throw it out, instead keep it to show the grandkids. "ya see, in mah day we had 64bit computers, and this was the first..." as they ignore me to play their PlayStation 22's :)

I wouldnt consider switching to a non Apple machine.

Should I keep the perfectly good 23 inch Apple Cinema HD display, and get a Mac Pro? They start at like 6k? Or, should I replace it all with a 24 inch iMac? I'd like the feeling of having "the top of the line" Mac again, but the iMac is very practical, and I dont really need the extra cores of a Mac Pro.

Any ideas?

gibler, Sep 23, 10:51am
Is ya have the cash to waste then the power mac is for you. then to reuse the screen you have will mean a $200 adapter for a start (with questionable quality)..

rahto, Sep 23, 10:57am
I like the look of iMac'sand they'd run great. Powermac's may be "over the top" - but it depends what you use it for.

thegilly, Sep 23, 11:28am
You're not at all interested in portability, I take it? Listen, bragging rights don't last very long--you could drop $10k or even $30k on the best-possible Mac Pro and have it superseded by a faster model a month later. If you don't need the extra oomph a Mac Pro offers, it's not a good investment. If you have the $6k, I'd say why not get an iMac (or MBP) and drop the change in a savings account for when you need to upgrade? But be aware, in case it's an issue, that going iMac means going glossy, screen-wise. If you get an iMac and don't like it, you can always bung it up on TM and get back a reasonable chunk of what you paid for it. Just my two cents' worth.

dunedin_ree, Sep 23, 12:40pm
Two different machines for very different purposes. I'd say the Mac Pro is massive overkill for 80% of home users, and it sounds like you're not in the 20% that would get the value from it. For that money you could buy an iMac + a Macbook or an iMac + a Time Capsule, although with a "spare" G5 hanging around you probably already have a good file/media/backup server...

morrisman1, Sep 23, 1:05pm
I reckon get an imac and sell your cinema display unless you would want to have a 24" screen + a 23" screen. ooo that would be nice!! I would wait though, there are new intel mobile chips out soon (this month i believe) which include their mobile versions of the 'i' range. If apple is going to upgrade their imacs this year id wager on it happening in the next month. Whatever you do dont go buying a model with the 9400m graphics, is a pathetic card for a multimedia desktop computer; fine for a small form factor laptop but not for a desktop

osymandias, Sep 23, 2:27pm
If you get an iMac, make sure you get the optional 4850 ATI video card. If you get the Mac Pro get the optional 4870 ATI. I'd get the MacPro if my budget stretched because 8 cores are better than 2 :-b and it's incredibly easy to expand in the future. Plus, you get the ability to run HW raid for your system drive. If money is "tight" get the Quadcore Pro + 4870. If you are reasonably confident with computers (as in, not a complete newb); you can save money by running a generic PC 4870 that you will flash to Mac 4870 and using cheaper generic harddrives.

malachiman, Sep 23, 8:34pm
Hold off just now!!!!!! new iMacs will be out soon, worth waiting for.

malachiman, Sep 23, 8:36pm
We should see a price drop too lol after they upped the price last year

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