Broadband speeds - ADSL2+

Broadband speeds - ADSL2+ May download speed has always been approx 2.3Mb/s - now all of a sudden my speed has taken a big jump to 6.5Mb/s. I'm on Xtra - what has caused this? Is it ADSL2+ arriaving in Tauranga ?

geek_smarteevia, Sep 24, 12:29 am

I'm in Tga - they switched on xtra adsl2+ in the cabinet across the road from me months agohad no difference here as on Voda, so in answer - yes, looks like that is the reason.

geek_nzmu, Sep 24, 12:33 am

ha ha reminds me of brian regan, 'the phone company' "i suppose you have to send a guy out?" : "we do it differently now, we just flip a switch" : "well, can you go ahead and flip it?"

geek_0800xford, Sep 24, 12:57 am