acer computers

s4lty, Sep 24, 10:39am
Acer computers Has anyone had trouble getting support and or technical help from acer. I just had my desktop repaired under warranty and it was reset back to factory settings. Had problems with it straight away- fixed some myself then spent two weeks trying to get support help from nz and aussie to sort out the rest of the problems = what a waste of time. I ended up paying a tech to come and fix their mess up. Not very impressed.

0800xford, Sep 24, 10:50am
acer is just a well known brand, not necessaryly well -made-

gibler, Sep 24, 10:51am
Acer are the bottom of the barreltheir support to business customers sucks as well.

lythande1, Sep 24, 8:44pm
Acer are bottom of the barrel. Not just bad components they use, but service as well. Dump it and buy ASUS.

0800xford, Sep 24, 8:46pm
apparently some of their 'netbooks' are ok, so i've heard

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