LCD monitor and AC/DC adapter

mariner26, Sep 24, 8:55pm
LCD monitor and AC/DC adapter Need a new power adapter for my CMV brand 17" LCD monitor.
Per the back of the LCD the DC input needs to be 19V - 2.6A. Have noted there are some universal adapters on Trademe that might suit. Most come with multi tips/plugs. Some tho are 100W and others 35W. What (excuse the pun) is the significance of wattage variations. Any other advice as to how successful I might be in my search?

poohy99, Sep 24, 10:09pm
35W should be enough for a 17" monitor. Doesn't the original adapter give you a rating? Just get one equal or higher.

biggal, Sep 24, 10:28pm
Just as a guide !9v at 2.6a is about 50watts. Aim for at least that and you should be in the right ballpark

mariner26, Sep 25, 3:50am
Nothe monitor does not give an amps spec.
But I now see the calculation (V x amps) that will provide the total required amps.
What is the effect if one uses too many amps? Will that "fry" the monitor?

richard112, Sep 25, 4:01am
NoProvided the voltage is correct the load cannot draw too many amps

menoka, Aug 19, 5:50pm
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