ADSL2+ I think it's time.

ADSL2+ I think it's time. So it appears that there are a couple of adsl2+ cabinets being erected near my house. About 300m away to be exact. Anyone know roughly how long it takes for the cabinets to be operational and able to be connected too? And does anyone have a picture of one so I can confirm it is indeed an adsl2+ cabinet?

geek_bidda2, Sep 25, 1:31 pm

why not just post a pic of the cabinet -there-

geek_0800xford, Sep 25, 1:41 pm

It's around the corner and it's cold. I've googled and found a pic posted and it looks the same so :D The Telecom availability tool says that it won't be upgraded until next year but also that it could be earlier. Fingers crossed, and hopefully it doesn't take too long to get connected. Would like to take advantage of it before I become a student next year :/

geek_bidda2, Sep 25, 1:45 pm

Also Is your modem adsl2 ??

geek_swivel, Sep 25, 2:17 pm

Indeed it is. Will need to change plans though as we are on the Go Large plan which isn't adsl2+. Might have to give telecom a ring and find out what's happening.

geek_bidda2, Sep 25, 4:00 pm

Ahh yes that plan is only adsl.

geek_swivel, Sep 25, 4:46 pm

Telecom Business Advanced, 60 GB/month all for $109.95. $3/GB excess so you can do 120 GB/month and only pay $180 excess fees.

geek_spyware, Sep 25, 6:55 pm

Chances are that your local exchange has been ADSL2+ capable long since. I would just get on the phone and bi^artch until they did something.

geek_badcam, Sep 25, 7:02 pm

I'll be on the phone monday finding out either way. Would be nice to get some decent speeds.

geek_bidda2, Sep 25, 7:15 pm

The Telecom web tool isn't up to date as far as I'm aware. They are a lot further a long in the upgrade than it reports. Check out for some more up to date info

geek_profink, Sep 25, 9:00 pm

I spoke to one of Chorus's guys about a week ago regarding the road side cabinet near me. The cabinet went in, tent went up & was there for about a week, nothing has happened since they took the tent down about a week ago but i see in the plan that its tagged for 7 Oct so a couple of weeks to go. This is inline with the Chorus guy said which was "should be go in a few weeks". About time too as we only get a third of the speed we are paying for.

geek_mush13, Sep 25, 10:56 pm

IT took several months for the one across the road from me, to have a major overhaul (hole in the ground, tent etc), to the changeover. On the way to work one morning, the chorus guy had the cabinet open and I spoke to him. He was standing there waiting for comfirmation to remove cables and then it was to become adsl2. Unfortunately, it was for Telecom and I'm still waiting for Voda.

geek_nzmu, Sep 26, 4:22 am

Thanks for that Chorus link much better than telecoms.

geek_bidda2, Sep 26, 11:01 am

Is this one

geek_corinne67, Sep 27, 12:51 pm

This link looks useful for Telecom - has the exact areas marked for current and future upgrades via cabinet or straight from the exchange.

geek_poohy99, Sep 27, 3:46 pm

ta for the map poohy99

geek_0800xford, Sep 27, 3:52 pm

OK, I see it's been discussed - nice graphic though...

geek_poohy99, Sep 27, 3:52 pm